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In-ground Pool Installation

MCI Pool Mother and Child
Build your very own backyard oasis and enjoy with your family and friends for years to come!

MCI Pools' primary service since its creation in 2001 is the installation of custom in-ground vinyl liner pools. Our company specializes in this domain and our unparalleled dedication to Quality and Service has contributed to MCI Pools success and continued growth in the Greater Ottawa Area.

Our professional installers enjoy what they do and take extreme pride in their workmanship. Every step of the installation process is done with care and precision. With over 700 pools built there is no scenario that we have not encountered allowing us to effectively anticipate, manage and construct the most difficult builds imaginable. Weather permitting and under normal circumstances our installations always start on time and takes anywhere from 5 to 10 business days to complete (in some cases the liner and water will be scheduled when the landscaper has completed their scope of work). We look forward in providing you and your family with a quality MCI Pool built to last!

1. Stakeout:

The desired pool shape is painted on the excavation site and the sod is
cut to prepare for the dig.


2. Excavation:

The pool is dug to specification at the appropriate elevation.

3. Steel Structure Installation:

Our in-ground steel structure is installed along with our premium 12 gauge X Bracing System along with Deck Supports every 2' on straight walled pools and every 2' to 3' on curved pools.  It is at this stage where the pools skimmer and plumbing is also installed. The base of the pool walls and the X bracing system are cemented in place and then backfilled with clear stone. 3/8th Clear stone is the best aggregate available for backfilling around pools as it is excellent for drainage and by nature clear stone is self-compacting which is important as it mitigates the possibility of settling over time. (Note: Sand Backfill is not recommended at all as it settles and compacts over time causing voids underneath the concrete pool deck which can cause havoc to the landscaping around the pool and to the deck itself).

Steel Structure Installation
4. Pool Floor is Grouted:

The pool slopes and floor are grouted ensuring that a strong smooth surface is ready to receive the vinyl liner.

Pool Floor Grouted

5. Concrete Deck is Poured:

Depending on the desired finish around the pool either a Finished Deck or a Sub Deck is poured. In the image below a Sub Deck has been poured in preparation for an Interlock installation.

Concrete Deck

6. Vinyl Liner Installation:

The pool liner is scheduled to be installed once the City has completed and finalized the Pool Enclosure Permit Inspection. The liner is positioned in the pool and clipped into the copping. Once we have the perfect fit a water tanker fills the pool to complete the installation.

Vinyl Liner Installation

7. See photo Gallery for finished pools and concepts

Vinyl Liner Installation

Build your very own backyard oasis and enjoy with your family and friends for years to come!